The VR Forged 2pc and 3pc wheels are all a Bespoke product made specifically for you.  Any of our popular 1pc designs can be made into multi-piece wheels featuring either a reverse lip or a step lip.  With this product, you can also choose the size and finish as these are completely customizable.  Contact Us for more information and pricing.

What are the differences:

  • A 2pc wheel features a single wheel barrel which the forged center bolts to.
  • A 3pc wheel features an inner and outer barrel where the forged center joins these 2 pieces.
  • A reverse lip is the outer lip which is flat and can be done on a 2pc or 3pc wheel.  This is the most common style seen.
  • A step lip has the outer lip which steps down making the forged center smaller in diameter.  This is a common style seen on more motorsports type of vehicles.  Step lips can only be done on 3pc wheels.

2PC | 3PC Forged Wheels