While you may not find someone cross-shopping a C8 Corvette with, let’s say, a Lamborghini Huracan, it’s certainly impressive to see how the American icon stacks up to its much more expensive competition. The C8 is not actually a supercar, it’s a sports car; but it did earn a reputation as being a “supercar killer”. That’s because the mid-engine beauty (and beast) is capable of holding its own against the higher-priced exotics out there. What’s more, the aftermarket offers a plethora of upgrades, both aesthetically and performance-wise, to really take the C8 up a few notches. If you are looking to enhance the looks of your C8 Corvette and customize it to more to your taste, a set of high-quality aftermarket forged wheels is a great way to start. 

With VR Forged wheels, not only will your “super sports car” get a newfound attitude, but it will also handle exceptionally well without affecting its drivability. The stunning Red Mist Metallic C8 featured here is shown wearing a set of the VR Forged D01 monoblock wheels. This customer opted for 20×9.5 +38 wheels at the front and 21×12.5 +58 wheels at the rear. Recommended tire size for this setup is 255/30/20 and 325/25/21, respectively. The front wheels weigh just 11.4 kilograms (25.1 pounds) and the back wheels weigh 13.9 kilograms (30.6 pounds). Each D01 wheel on this C8 has a 5×120 bolt pattern, 67.1 center bore, and up to a 690-kilogram (1521-pound) load rating. It’s also important to note that these lightweight wheels stand up incredibly well to hard-driving and were manufactured using a 10,000-ton press for the ultimate strength.

This customer chose a set of the VR Forged D01 monoblock wheels in a satin bronze finish. The golden hue pairs really well with the lustrous factory Red Mist Metallic paint job for that perfect amount of contrast. After all, it’s a known fact that bronze and deep reds work look really great together. In addition to the impeccable color matching, these D01s truly enhance the overall look and stance of this C8 with a very unique aesthetic. That’s because the VR Forged D01 one-piece wheels incorporate several V-shaped elements and intricate machine work near the center to really draw you in. It’s a captivating design that will make this C8 Corvette stand out among others like it at its next cruise, rally, or show. To purchase this exact D01 setup for your ‘Vette, click here! 


  • All VR Forged wheels include center caps.
  • They are designed to work with most OEM TPMS sensors.
  • Some wheels may require aftermarket lug nuts or bolts.
  • Weights are estimated from engineering and scale tests.
  • Wheels are designed to work with OEM brakes and most big brake kits.  Please provide BBK template if you have questions on fitment.
  • All wheels go through extensive testing to meet proper regulations. View Manufacturing Details Here.

Finish Options: Brushed, Matte Black, Satin Bronze, Gloss Black

Note: Should you need a custom fitment or color, special orders can be done. Please note that pricing for these orders is not the same as pricing for our “in stock” wheels. Contact Us Here.

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