Subaru introduced the 2.5-liter XT trim of the Forester in 2004, which turned into three generations of the popular turbocharged Forester XT. While the idea of a high-performance SUV is commonplace today, at the time it was not. Offering both a five-speed manual transmission and a four-speed automatic, the Subaru Forester XT was often seen as a stick-shift rocket that offered WRX STI-like power in a more practical SUV form. In 2018, however, the Japanese automaker decided to release one final model before axing the Subaru Forester XT from its lineup. While the turbocharged Forester XT may be gone, enthusiasts will hardly ever forget the sporty SUV and the amazing feeling it gave once you were actually behind the wheel. It delivered an aggressive punch while retaining that crossover SUV feel laced with the signature comfort associated with the Forester lineup. And if you’re the owner of one, like this customer is, you get to still enjoy that experience on the daily.

Our customer, Daidrian Urias (IG @daidrian_sairu) is the proud owner of a five-speed 2005 Crystal Gray Metallic Subaru Forester XT. The car is lowered on a set of Swift springs to get that ultimate sporty stance paired with unmatched handling and performance. He was in the market for a set of wheels that would really accentuate the XT’s natural DNA and look great with its new lowered look. Daidrian went with the VR Forged D03-R monoblock wheels in a custom 18-inch setup finished in our lustrous Hyper Black color. These D03-R wheels measure 18×9.5 all around with a +38mm offset and 5×100 bolt pattern. The fitment is flawless and the finish looks incredible especially in that unmatched sunset lighting (see photos below). 

The VR Forged D03-R wheels are similar to the D03 in design but feature a motorsports-inspired ring to set them apart. The intricate details and sharp machine work near the center of the wheel draw you in, while the stunning outer ring maintains your gaze at every angle. It’s the perfect combination of a simple thin spoke design with an added flair that truly stands out among other wheel options on the market. Aside from looking the part, these wheels also play the part. They are manufactured using a 10,000-ton press to guarantee the highest levels of strength and reliability no matter the driving you do. All in all, the D03-R series is perfectly matched to any tuner-style vehicle and looks right at home on this customer’s ’05 Forester XT. 


  • All VR Forged wheels include center caps.
  • They are designed to work with most OEM TPMS sensors.
  • Some wheels may require aftermarket lug nuts or bolts.
  • Weights are estimated from engineering and scale tests.
  • Wheels are designed to work with OEM brakes and most big brake kits.  Please provide BBK template if you have questions on fitment.
  • All wheels go through extensive testing to meet proper regulations. View Manufacturing Details Here.

Note: Should you need a custom fitment or color, special orders can be done. Pricing for these orders, however, is not the same as pricing for our “in stock” wheels. Contact Us Here.

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